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Behavioural Consultant Program Leader, South Area Behaviour Resource Team, Waterloo Regional District School Board, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

"Your presentation remained a lively lesson for all of us on the South Area Behaviour Resource Team as we clearly remembered the differences between respect and fear, and the illusion of protection and family belonging that entices youth into gangs. Because we deal daily with troubled kids your lessons and the great hand out has served us well in improving our own skills in this area. Your skills in reaching kids of different ages as well as professional staff with respect, clear headedness and with street wisdom impressed us all! Know you HAVE made a difference and that we are grateful."

Mike's Thoughts

The Case for Strictly Enforced Dress Codes in Schools: Part Two

By Mike Knox

One classic example is a school that bans the use of blue or red colored bandanas.  The school wants to prevent gang violence on and around the campus and buys into the “out of sight, out of mind” theory.  In other words, if no bandanas are seen there will be no gangs on campus.  It is convenient for the school administrators but not necessarily conducive to educating the offending child.  Typically, such a ban does nothing to eliminate gangs on campus.

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