Mike's Thoughts


President,Committee of Youth Officers for the Province of Ontario

"Mike Knox is a genuinely caring street gang expert. His knowledge of street gangs, their workings and the high risk youth that enter or associate with gangs is a benefit to any front line law enforcement officer. Mike’s expertise and positive approach empowers front line officers and middle managers to deal effectively with gangs and high risk young offenders. He champions proactive partnerships between police and other youth serving agencies and does so with a sincere interest in improving law enforcement and quality of life in communities experiencing gang problems."

3 Big Lies All Gangs Tell

#1 Protection


Gang members tell themselves they must belong to a gang to remain safe, before, during, and after school


Membership in a street gang exponentially increases risk of physical danger to the gang member.

#2 Belonging


Gangs claim to treat you like a family and care about your welfare. They claim not to judge and to accept you as you are - good or bad as that may be.


Gangs function directly opposite of true families. Where true families sacrifice, for example, for the benefit of individuals, the gang requires the individual to sacrifice for the whole. Further, the gang does judge you by requiring a certain type of dress and adherence to a rules code, often enforced violently.

#3 Respect


Gang members always mistake fear as respect. They continually worry about who is, or is not, showing a proper amount of "respect/fear". Fear does share many results with respect but there is a significant difference.


One can make another afraid but no one can force another to have regard for another person. The difference between respect and fear is the difference between repulsion and attraction.