Mike's Thoughts


President,Committee of Youth Officers for the Province of Ontario

"Mike Knox is a genuinely caring street gang expert. His knowledge of street gangs, their workings and the high risk youth that enter or associate with gangs is a benefit to any front line law enforcement officer. Mike’s expertise and positive approach empowers front line officers and middle managers to deal effectively with gangs and high risk young offenders. He champions proactive partnerships between police and other youth serving agencies and does so with a sincere interest in improving law enforcement and quality of life in communities experiencing gang problems."

Gang Life Revealed

Gangs can be more close to home than you may think, and it's important you be prepared and informed of what gang life looks like. The following articles give you useful information on gang life and its many dangers.

3 Big Lies

Movies, television, and books may paint gangs in a romanticized light, but this couldn't be further from the truth. You may think that a gang will protect you from any danger, when in fact your risk of physical attack is increased with gang involvement. Read more...

What Gang Members Respect

If you are a parent or educator of a gang member, be sure and exercise honesty, discipline, and clear boundaries when dealing with them. By keeping yourself in check on these attributes, their chances of succeeding within the given system are increased. Read more...

Pre-Crisis Indicators

There are certain behaviors in gang member that indicate a future crisis or incident. Be mindful of these when dealing with a gang member in your family or school. Read more...