Mike's Thoughts


President,Committee of Youth Officers for the Province of Ontario

"Mike Knox is a genuinely caring street gang expert. His knowledge of street gangs, their workings and the high risk youth that enter or associate with gangs is a benefit to any front line law enforcement officer. Mike’s expertise and positive approach empowers front line officers and middle managers to deal effectively with gangs and high risk young offenders. He champions proactive partnerships between police and other youth serving agencies and does so with a sincere interest in improving law enforcement and quality of life in communities experiencing gang problems."



Secrets Gangs Never Tell

Explores the promises gangs make. Mike uses humor and real life examples to demonstrate how gangs cannot fulfill their promises. This program is very interactive performance oriented and requires student participation. This program is suitable for entire grade level size audiences. Variations are age appropriate from 3rd – 9th Grade.

Secrets Gangs Never Tell (advanced)

(Appropriate for 10th – 12th grade) This program is interactive “directed conversation” based and students are encouraged to ask questions and explore their perceptions of gangs. Mike uses humor and real life examples to explore the promises gangs make and demonstrates how gangs cannot fulfill their promises. This program is best suited for smaller venues, perhaps two or three classrooms, as the students are invited to explore and discuss the topic in great detail.


Gang Recognition and Identification

A two hour discussion on the history of street gangs in the United States. This program is designed to put the gang issue in perspective and reduce the “panic factor”. Understanding how gangs have evolved gives some insight into how to deal with them now and in the future. This program gives the audience enough information to feel comfortable discussing the subject with their own children from a basis of knowledge.


Graffiti A discussion on the meaning and purpose of graffiti to gangs and taggers. The audience will understand how graffiti is used by gangs as a message center, recruiting tool, and boundary marker. Understand how and why graffiti attracts violence and crime into a neighborhood. Discover how you and your community can effectively reduce its impact.

The Mind of a Gangsta

An exploration into the mind of a gangsta to understand why our children are drawn to this violent lifestyle. A solution oriented presentation that will set your mind at ease and replace fear with confidence. Use this information to reduce gang influence in your community.

Mental Aikido - Dealing with Classroom Hostility

Discover "Mental Aikido." It is fun, non-threatening, productive, and appropriate for any student in conflict with authority. This program explores why some children are drawn to violence as a solution to problems. Understand where a gang member's hostility comes from and how to redirect this anger toward learning. Typically a one hour presentation effective for in-service training.

Law Enforcement

Media & Community

This program explores the benefits and risks of working with the media and discusses the important role gang investigators can play in controlling public anxiety regarding gangs. While most law enforcement organizations are hesitant to include the media this program will point out ways to use media outlets to assist in controlling public anxiety and may potentially help reduce the likelihood of gang violence.

The Mind of a Gangsta (Law Enforcement Version)

This four to eight hour program is a comprehensive exploration of gangs including history, identification, motivation, strengths and weaknesses of street gangs. The program includes discussions about how to use this information to generate leads and intelligence from the community, friends, and family of gang members. Discussion of policies and practices to create confidence in the law enforcement community among the legal and civilian community.

Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

A discussion, or presentation, customized to the interests of your group, related to youth violence, family responsibility, school, home, or work place safety.


Use of Gang Expert in Trial

This program engages the legal community in a discussion about the relative risks and benefits of using gang experts in a criminal or civil trial.

Use of Gang Member Witnesses in Trial

This program engages the legal audience in a discussion about the relative risks and benefits of using gang members in a criminal or civil trial. The program focuses on how to prepare a gang member witness for trial, how to prepare to cross examine a gang member witness, how to over come the gang member bias with fact finders, or how to use that bias in your favor.