Mike's Thoughts


Houston Defender

"Mike Knox offers parents the solutions to recognize that gangs are a part of society."


[Gangsta in the House] "An honest, hard-hitting look at gangs-causes and cures-by an honest, hard-hitting ex-cop."

Honorable Bob Lanier - Former Mayor, Houston, Texas



"Gangs are a serious problem in every jurisdiction.  "Gangsta in the House" pulls no punches but does provide real insight into the gang world.  It is an excellent learning tool that takes the mystery and fear away from street gangs."

Sheriff, Joe Arpaio - Maricopa County, Arizona



" 'Gangsta in the House' is a vivid look at America's gangs.  They are here, they are popular, and they are no choir boys."

The Honorable Judge, Ted Poe - U.S. Representative (Texas)



"I had an opportunity to Partner my company with Mike Knox and his anti gang message for several years in Houston, Texas.  Our brand benefited a great deal from this association as Mike traveled around Houston and spoke to the local schools promoting his gang awareness with Sonic as his sponsor.  After the comments and feedback I received from both parents and schools administrators I would highly recommend a partnership with Mike."

Rick McElhaney - Former Vice President, Sonic Restaurants, Inc.



"15 years ago Service Corporation International (Canada) thankfully had the vision to invite Mike Knox to Vancouver, B. C. Canada to speak to Police, Victim Services, local businesses and high school students about Gangs.  Since then we have brought Mike back many times to speak at locations across the country.

Mike has the ability to “connect” with both adult and child audiences. I guarantee you will not be disappointed when you hear what he has to say. His message is strong and clear. You, your community, and especially your children, need to hear his message!"

Marion Dickson

Location Manager, Service Corporation International (Canada)

First Memorial-Fraser Heights Chapel, Surrey, B. C.



"This (Gangsta in the House) is a must read for every parent, educator, and government official in the country."

Robert Eckels, Harris County Judge (Texas)



"Mike Knox gave a fantastic presentation on gangs! Teachers that attended recommended that we bring him back so those that missed his presentation would have the opportunity to participate."

Jennifer Alexander, Lee High School, Houston Independent School District



"Each time I dropped by to observe student reaction to your sessions, you were totally engaged with the students, able to keep their attention and present your important message in a most age appropriate and convincing manner."

Lisa Pedrini, Violence Prevention Coordinator, Vancouver School Board, Vancouver, B.C.


"Wow! What a rush to see Mike Knox speak! The parents, teachers and city employees have not stopped talking about what they have learned!"

Officer Debbie R. Rule, Balch Springs Police Department, City of Balch Springs, Texas


"Ever community in America should avail itself of Mike Knox's knowledge and experience. After listening to his presentation, I too believe there is hope for our troubled youth."

Sheriff Philip A. Chance, Jr., Mahoning County Sheriff's Department, Youngstown, Ohio


"Mike Knox's presentation gave us some 'Real Life' answers. I was impressed to hear the teens responding positively to what they heard. Some teens commented that they really want to turn their lives around."

Senator Jerry Patterson, State Senator - District 11, Texas


"Thanks to Mr. Knox's presentation, our agent personnel now have another tool to use to combat drugs (gang activity) in our communities."

James A. Calhoun, Division Training Coordinator, D.E.A., United States Department of Justice


"Your presentation remained a lively lesson for all of us on the South Area Behaviour Resource Team as we clearly remembered the differences between respect and fear, and the illusion of protection and family belonging that entices youth into gangs. Because we deal daily with troubled kids your lessons and the great hand out has served us well in improving our own skills in this area. Your skills in reaching kids of different ages as well as professional staff with respect, clear headedness and with street wisdom impressed us all! Know you HAVE made a difference and that we are grateful."

Barbara S. Panagapka M.A., Behavioural Consultant Program Leader, South Area Behaviour Resource Team, Waterloo Regional District School Board, Guelph, Ontario, Canada


"Mike Knox offers parents the solutions to recognize that gangs are a part of society."

Houston Defender


"Education is the key to defeating the gang problem. Mike Knox's teachings offer vital information on how to combat gangs."

The Source Newspaper (Michigan)


"Mike Knox opens the doors to understanding why the young people do the things they do."

Houston Chronicle


"I'd like to comment on the fabulous presentation by Mike Knox. His energy and knowledge was transformed to the children in a very positive, exciting manner. The children have basic facts about gangs and the consequences, however it becomes more real and valid when reinforced by a person of his caliber. I would highly recommend his presentation to other students. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to hear his presentation."

Lindy Jones, Assistant Superintendent, School District No. 42, Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows


"Mike Knox is a genuinely caring street gang expert. His knowledge of street gangs, their workings and the high risk youth that enter or associate with gangs is a benefit to any front line law enforcement officer. Mike’s expertise and positive approach empowers front line officers and middle managers to deal effectively with gangs and high risk young offenders. He champions proactive partnerships between police and other youth serving agencies and does so with a sincere interest in improving law enforcement and quality of life in communities experiencing gang problems."

Sgt. Rob Mayea, President, Committee of Youth Officers for the Province of Ontario